CAO Scholarship and Fellowship Applications

CAO’s undergraduate scholarship and fellowship applications are open now through June 12, 2018. We are looking for passionate and gifted future leaders of research and industry in education, justice and entrepreneurship to contribute to our understanding of the barriers and solutions to improving opportunity in fragile communities. CAO and its campus research centers located at Winston-Salem State University, Texas Southern University and Albany State University offer a wonderful opportunity to engage undergraduate and Ph.D. students in critical issues related to education reform, justice reform and economic mobility. Students selected as CAO Scholars and Fellows will have an opportunity to connect with research scholars and educators from around the country and attend CAO’s annual State of Opportunity in America Summit to receive the latest data on barriers to opportunity in America’s most vulnerable communities. Selected undergraduate scholarship recipients will receive up to $7,500 per year and Ph.D. candidates will receive up to $40,000 per year.




Click here for more details about the scholarship and fellowship programs and please share this exciting opportunity with your students!