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The State of Opportunity in America’s Fragile Communities

Experts from Gallup and the Center for Advancing Opportunity discussed “The State of Opportunity in America’s Fragile Communities” during this webinar on Thursday, August 6th at 1PM EST.

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Opportunity Dashboard

Residents of fragile communities face specific barriers to opportunity. Our Gallup research looked at local economic conditions, access to educational opportunities, views of the criminal justice system, and entrepreneurial mindset.

The Opportunity Dashboard offers a visual depiction of this research, allowing us to understand and compare views on each topic across groups and regions.

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The State of Opportunity In America

Across the country, fragile communities face barriers to opportunity, including high levels of poverty, low-performing schools, inequities in law enforcement and limited economic opportunities. These communities are in urban, rural and increasingly suburban areas, and they include people of all races and ethnicities. For years, researchers and policy-makers have debated the entrenched poverty and lack of social mobility that plague such communities.

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Our Mission

The Center for Advancing Opportunity’s mission is to move people living in fragile communities from promise to prosperity.

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