Helping Shape the Future of Police Reform

Through the Center for Justice Research, the advisory group will provide…

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The City of Houston Mayor’s Task Force on Policing Reform

The conclusion of this call for service from a member of our community should…

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The Center for Justice Research Releases a New Action Brief on Police Chokeholds

The Center for Justice Research released a new action brief on police…

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blurred bus photo

The Time Tax: Public Transportation’s Unseen Toll on Fragile Community Residents

People living in fragile communities face many barriers to upward social…

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Measuring the State of Opportunity in America: 6 Things You Should Know

Amid the pandemic and societal turmoil leading to calls for greater justice,…

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Chantal and Tommy Bagwell

The Chantal and Tommy Bagwell Foundation Inc. Donates Charitable Gift

Albany State University Center for Educational Opportunity (ASU CEO) is the…

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CAO Executive Director Ja’Ron Smith

The Announcement of CAO’s new Executive Director Ja’Ron Smith

Ja’Ron comes to TMCF from the White House, where he served in several roles,…

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CEO Gift Of All Children event poster

Realizing the Gifts of All Children

From a Native American reservation to a special needs classroom in an urban…

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Teach Teachers How to Create Magic

What do rap shows, barbershop banter and Sunday services have in common? As…

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Nation’s Report Card Makes the Case for Expanding Schooling Options

Last week the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) 12th grade…

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