Introducing a Social Benefits Calculator for Forsyth County, NC

When workers who receive social benefits – like food stamps, childcare…

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Image of the article author Sarah Ballew Welch

Birth-to-Five Literacy: Community Outreach and Advocacy

Literacy is the foundation for improving the lives of our students. To best…

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Honorable Youth group photo

From Struggling Single Mom to Determined CEO Helping Women Break the Cycle of Poverty

Meet Rasheeda Shankle, a Winston-Salem State University (WSSU) graduate and…

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SPOTLIGHT: The Center for the Study of Economic Mobility at Winston-Salem State University

Craig Richardson, who holds a doctorate in labor economics, is the founding…

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Ja’Ron Smith Participates in Supporting HBCUs Panel Discussion

This panelists, all proud graduates of Historically Black Colleges and…

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black family moving into new home

Craig Richardson: Forsyth’s Best-Kept Upward Mobility Secret

The program promotes homeownership among low- to moderate-income residents by…

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Black History Month - 5 Facts About African Americans & Economic Mobility

Black History Month: 5 Facts About African Americans and Economic Mobility

Black History Month is a time to celebrate the contributions that…

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Arial photo of a fragile community

3 Surprising Challenges Fragile Community Residents Experience

We know that residents of fragile communities experience immense barriers to…

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The Time Tax: Public Transportation’s Unseen Toll on Fragile Community Residents

People living in fragile communities face many barriers to upward social…

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Fragile Community arial view

What is a Fragile Community?

The Center for Advancing Opportunity (CAO) is committed to listening to and…

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CSEM joins county in win-win study of homeownership program

Winston-Salem State University’s Center for the Study of Economic Mobility…

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Craig Richardson and Tim Robustelli: Forsyth needs long-term solutions to housing loss

Last week, protesters in Winston-Salem called for reinstatement of North…

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Program helps East Winston students confront problems aggravated by pandemic

Public school students across Winston-Salem and Forsyth County are coming to…

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​​The Government Wouldn’t Let Paula Smith Sell Her House For Over A Decade

​​The Government Wouldn't Let Paula Smith Sell Her House For Over A Decade and…

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How Public Transit Affects African Americans – Upward Mobility

Jayin Goodman couldn't get to his job without a bus. Spectrum News 1, North…

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From Fragility to Opportunity: Why We Come Together

The gathering of a people committed to improving society is one example of our…

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WSSU launches economic mobility research center supported by $3 million gift

The WSSU Center for the Study of Economic Mobility (CSEM) will serve as a hub…

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