What do over 6,000 fragile community residents think about criminal justice, educational opportunity, economic mobility and entrepreneurship?

CAO’s Opportunity Dashboard visualizes data collected in the Gallup/TMCF State of Opportunity in America Reports, and is a research tool identifying attitudes and trends, upon which to create evidence-based solutions.

The amount of data available here is very large, please allow time for the dashboards to fully load.

Data Visualization

Select a tab above to explore survey details, use the selectors to refine results, or click a metric to isolate specific data.

Survey Reach – The surveyed residents of fragile communities displayed on a map.
State of Opportunity – Review survey responses by city or overall, and divide the data in various ways.
Indices – A city and an overall comparison for the Criminal Justice, Education, Economic and Entrepreneur indices.
News – A news section with articles surrounding selected issues in Fragile Communities.
Trends – Visualize the year-by-year comparison of survey responses.
Crosstab – Distribution of responses by selected metrics.
Methodology – Research methodology.