Black Research Matters: HBCUs Research Roles, Resources and Responsibilities

Now more than ever, #BlackResearchMatters, particularly at the nation’s HBCUs. While most were founded as teaching schools, HBCUs have a role in creating a multidisciplinary response to what is happening in the world today. HBCUs are geographically located in areas where research can lend value; and Black researchers are uniquely qualified to conduct research that addresses the myriad challenges faced by families in “fragile communities” where a confluence of poverty, isolation and despair helps to perpetuate a cycle of disadvantage from which generations find it difficult to break free. What we see happening now in America today is what was true before COVID-19.

Reflecting on the respective missions at teaching schools, there is a perception that few resources exist for research. Albany State University Center for Educational Opportunity is poised to help change that. Through a Request for Proposals process, we invite HBCU scholars to join with us in retooling research agendas across disciplines in ways that bridge the gap more meaningfully between town and gown and generate research that aids in solving the problems of our day. Albany State University Center for Educational Opportunity welcomes proposals from graduate students and faculty at the nation’s HBCUs.

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