Rethinking Recruitment: New Study Shows How School Districts Can Leverage Community-Based Partnerships to Support Black Boys in Elementary Education

Teachers of any color and gender can create a culturally-responsive classroom environment, but representation matters. Black boys thrive under the care of adult Black males who are committed to excellence in teaching and learning. Black male teachers are more than role models; they dispel myths of racial inferiority and produce greater performance gains for Black students compared to their White counterparts (USDOE, 2016; Villegas & Irvine, 2010; Irvine & Fenwick, 2011).

For low-income Black boys, having just one Black teacher in elementary school reduces the risk of later dropping out of the school by a whopping 39 percent (Gershenson, Holt, & Papageorge, 2016). School districts seeking to improve educational outcomes for Black boys must become intentional in their hiring practices to recruit more Black male teachersCommunity-based partnerships offer solutions for rethinking teacher recruitment in elementary education